The Off-Trade Market

The Swedish consumer market is divided in two channels - Grocery and Systembolaget, a monopoly for alcohol beverages. Grocery (and convenience) only sell beer up to 3,5% abv. It's approx. 4 000 Grocery stores and Spendrups is the second largest supplier. The state-owned Systembolaget has over 400 stores. Spendrups Group is the second largest supplier of alcohol beverages to Systembolaget.

The market in general is very fragmented, however we believe it is important to have a strategy for each brand. We always strive to incorporate brand building when activating the products. A long term strategy for each brand is as important as being flexible and able to act fast when required.

As far as consumer marketing is concerned we are governed by strict legislation. Hence, we are very careful as to follow the Swedish laws and regulations. One example would be that we do not target consumers under the age of 25 in our communication and marketing campaigns.